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premium cotton T-Shirts

Posted by Ravi Kumar at Monday, December 15, 2008
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T-Shirt lovers, be quick.....

Ten Bills is a website, which holds lot of t-shirts, especially for art lovers.
Because, on the t-shirts you can find lot of modern arts, technical arts and nature arts.
So all the t-shirts looks like an art on your body. Most of the t-shirt lovers dont want to wear a plain t-shirt, for those this is the best show room.

777 sale offer:
777 sale is a special offer for one week. The offer is, they choose 7 t-shirts, for $7 each for 7 days. Each T-shirt costs $10 and for 7 T-shirts, costs $70. But if you use this offer you can save up to $3 on each t-shirt, so that you can save up to $21 on the pack. It is the best offer for the Christmas season. So hurry up, time running out.

Kids pack offer:
There is another section , specially designed for kids. You can find variety of shirts for kids of different size and different models. Kids pack offer three t-shirts for only $10.

Ten Bills accepts payments through all major credit cards.

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