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High Science High Art

Posted by Ravi Kumar at Friday, December 12, 2008
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Art lovers, be quick.......
MaryJane Goods has launched new website that creates original and intelligent pieces of art that are unique.Mary Jane Goods is an idea conceptualized by the idea of fusing “high science” with “high art”.
The first company to create custom genetic portraits of C. Sativa; better know as Cannabis.You can create login to be able to order some art in this site.

They have a lot of different Art that you can purchase such as the DNA fingerprint of C, You can even purchase shirts from their website.The founding father of Genetic Art launched this website(,offering a limited selection of high-end, quality products featuring the DNA genetic fingerprint of the C.
If you are an art lover, you should go through this site MaryJane Goods.


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