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Know About Ethical Hacking

Posted by Ravi Kumar at Wednesday, August 18, 2010
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Most people think that hackers are computer criminals. But they fail to recognize the fact that criminals and hackers are two totally different things.
Hackers are actually good and extremely intelligent people who by using their Ethical Hacking and knowledge in a constructive manner help organizations, companies, etc. to secure documents and secret information on the internet.

If you cannot secure money transaction or goods transaction details, there would be a huge problem for your business. So security is very important for any online transaction. There is a website called EC-Council, offering online classes for security fundamentals, penetration testing, disaster recovery, secure programming, ethical hacking and computer forensics. With all these training classes, you can really protect the data yourself. All the classes they offer are online and You can take day classes or night classes. Now a days getting a job is difficult because recession would be a factor. Being a Certified Ethical Hacker you would definitely overcome recession time.

Try their one day free introduction class to their IT Security training system. It give you a feel for what the learning environment will be like. I’ll try it out.


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