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TIME AND DISTANCE practice problems

Posted by Ravi Kumar at Friday, May 1, 2009
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TIME AND DISTANCE practice problems:

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practice problems:

1.Express a speed of 54 km/hr in meters/second.
a)15 m/sec b)20 m/sec c)25 m/sec d)30 m/sec

2.A car can cover 350 km in 4 hours.If the speed is decreased by 12 1/2 kmph,how much time does the car take to cover a distance of 450 km?
a)4 hrs b)5 hrs c)2 hrs d)6 hrs

3.A person covers a certain distance at a certain speed.If he increases his speed by 25% then he takes 12 minutes less to cover the same distance.Find the time taken by him initially to cover the distance at the original speed
a)3 hrs b)2 hrs c)1 hr d)7 hrs

4.A car covers a certain distance going at a speed of 60 kmph and returns to the starting point at a speed of 40 kmph.Find the average speed for the whole journey.
a)48 kmph b)42 kmph c)34 kmph d)40 kmph

5.What is the time taken by a train running at 54 km/hr to cross a man standing on a platform, the length of the train being 180 m?
a)6 seconds b)12 seconds c)16 seconds d)18 seconds

6.How long will a train 100 m long and traveling at a speed of 45 kmph,take to cross a platform of length 150 m?
a)20 sec b)29 sec c)27 sec d)cannot be determined

7.Find the length of the bridge,which a train 120 m long traveling at 54 kmph can cross in 30 seconds.
a)340 m b)350 m c)330 m d)390 m

8.A worker reaches his work place 15 minutes late by walking at 4kmph from his house.The next day he increases his speed by 2kmph and reaches in time.Find the distance from his house to his work place
a)2 km b)6 km c)8 km d)3 km

9.A person leaves his house and traveling at 4 kmph reaches his office 10 minutes late.Had he traveled at 7kmph he would have been 20 mins early.Find the distance from the house to the office?
a)14/3 b)2 c)14/9 d)14/6

10.Find the time taken by a train 150 m long running at a speed of 63 kmph to cross another train of length 100 m long running at a speed of 45 kmph in the same direction
a)25 seconds b)50 seconds c)75 seconds d)100 seconds

11.A train crosses two persons,cycling in the same direction as the train in 12 and 18 seconds respectively.If the speeds of the two cyclists are 9 and 18 kmph respectively.Find the length and speed of the train.
a)80 m b89 m c)98 m d)90 m

12.Two trains running at 45 and 54 kmph cross each other in 12 seconds when they run in opposite directions.When they run in the same direction,a person in the faster train observes that he crossed the other train in 32 seconds.Find the lengths of the two trains
a)250 b)450 c)260 d)234

13.Two trains of length 150 m and 250m run on parallel lines.When they run in the same direction it will take 20 seconds to cross each other and when they run in opposite direction it will take 5 seconds.Find the speeds of the two trains.
a)180 and 108 b)272 and 211 c)123 and 828 d)none of these

14.The average speed for an entire journey is 60 kmph without considering the stoppages.When the stoppages are considered the average speed becomes 48 kmph.How many minutes per hour on an average were the stoppages?
a)10 mins b)12 mins c)16 mins d)none of these

15.I had to catch a bus which was 225 m ahead of me.The bus also started at the same time.If the speed of the bus was 2.5 m/sec and my spped was 36 kmph,in how much time can i catch the bus?
a)20 seconds b)25 seconds c)30 seconds d)40 seconds

16.The distance from my house to my friends house is 12 km.I walked at a speed of 4 kmph and after every kilometer took rest for 10 mins.How much time did it take for me to reach my friends house?
a)3 hrs b)4 hrs and 50 mins c)5 hrs d)none of these

17.A train covered a distance of 250 km,partly at an average speed of 40 kmph and partly at 60kmph.Find the distance covered at 40 kmph if it took 5 hrs for the train to cover the distance.
a)150 km b)120 km c)100km d)cannot be determined

18.A bus covered a distance of 160 km in 4 hrs covering a part of it at 30 kmph and the remaining at 70 kmph.For how much time did the us travel at 70 kmph?
a)0.5 hr b)1 hr c)1 1/2 hs d)2 hrs

19.A car takes 2 hours more to cover a distance of 480 km when its speed is reduced by 8 kmph. Find its usual speed
a)48 kmph b)55 kmph c)60 kmph d)64 kmph

20.A person covered the first 40 km of his journey at 50 kmph,the next 70 km at 35 kmph and the remaining distance in 12 mins.If the average speed of the entire journey is 52 kmph.Find the distance covered in the last stretch of the journey.
a)22 km b)34 km c)40 km d)46 km

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