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Posted by Ravi Kumar at Monday, January 19, 2009
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PERCENTAGES - PROFIT & LOSS practice problems:

For percentage concept click:
For percentage solved problems click:
For profit and loss concept click here
For profit and loss solved problems click here

Practice problems:

1.In a criket tournament , a team wanted its over all success rate to be 75%.After
playing half the total number of matches,it recorded only 50 % success.What per-
centage of the remaining matches should it win to achieve an overall success rate
of 75%?
a)50% b)75% c)100% d)80%

2.A man sells shoes by first quoting the selling price at a certain mark up on the
cost price.He later offers a discount on this price such that the discount
percent is the same as the mark up percent.If his cost price per pair of shoes is
Rs.300,then he makes an overall___in the transaction
a)profit b)loss c)no profit no loss d)cannot be determined

3.The respective scores of two candidates in an examination are 50% and 80% of the
maximum possible.The second candidate passes by 60 marks where as the first one
fails by 120 marks.What is the pass mark?
a)360 b)420 c)480 d)300

4.Two dining sets are sold at the same selling price resulting in a 20% gain on the
first and and 1 30% gain on the second.By what is the cost price of the fist more
than that of the second?
a)8 1/2% b)8 1/3% c)17% d)25%

5.By giving a discount of 30%,a trader makes a profit of 20%.If the trader gives a
discount of Rs 400,he would make a 20% loss.Find the marked price of the article
a)Rs 600 b)Rs 750 c)Rs 900 d)none of these

6.A bag contains balls of three different colours-Red,Blue and Green.The number of
blue balls is 12 1/2% less than the number of red balls and 40% more than the
number of green balls.By what percent is the sum of the blue and green balls less
than the sum of the red and blue balls
a)20% b)25% c)37.5% d)6 1/4%

7.The price of sugar is increased by 50%.By what percentage should the consumption
of sugar be reduced so that the expenditure on sugar is increased by 20%?
a)20% b)10% c)33 1/3% d)25%

8.A trader purchased two air conditioners.He sold both of them-one at 20% profit and
the other at 20% loss.Find the overall profit or loss percentage in the transaction
a)4% loss
b)4% profit
c)Neither profit nor loss
d)cannot be determined

9.If a profit made by selling an article at Rs.3000 is twice the loss incurred when
the article was sold at Rs.900,then find the cost price of the article
a)Rs 1800 b)Rs 1500 c)Rs 1600 d)Rs 1200

10.A trader,in an attempt to increase his sales,announces 20% discount on an article
and hence reduces his profit per article from Rs 60 to Rs 40.Find the cost price
of the article.
a)Rs 40 b)Rs 60 c)Rs 100 d)cannot be determined

11.Which of the following choices is a better bargain for a customer?
a)A single discount of 40 %
b)A discount of 25% followed by another discount of 15 %
c)Three successive disconts of 20 %,10 % and 10 % respectively
d)All the above are equally good

12.3(0.05% of 1.25) is what percent of 7.5% of 25*10^-3?
a)3% b)33 1/3% c)100 % d)1%

13.A and B start a business by investing some capital each.At the end of the year,A
receives 20% of the total profit as commission while the rest of the profit is
shared in the ratio of their respective investments.A finally receives 50% more
than what B receives.If A's capital is Rs.10,576,then B's capital is
a)Rs14,101 b)Rs 8813 c)Rs 6610 d)none of these

14.A trader,by selling 30 suitcases,gains the selling price of 5 suitcases.Find the
profit percentage per suitcase sold
a)16 2/3% b)28 4/7 % c)20% d)25%

15.A trader makes 44% profit after allowing a discount of 20% on the marked price.What is the profit percent,if a discount of 40% is allowed?
a)22% b)8% c)4.2% d)27.7%

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