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Partnership problems

Posted by Ravi Kumar at Monday, November 24, 2008
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Partnership problems

Partnership problems

Little difficult problems:

1.P and Q started a business investing Rs 85,000 and Rs 15,000
respectively. In what ratio the profit earned after 2 years be divided
between P and Q respectively?

Sol: 85,000*2 : 15,000*2
17*2 : 3*2=34:6

2.A,B and C started a business by investing Rs 1,20,000, Rs 1,35,000
and Rs 1,50,000.Find the share of each ,out of an annual profit of
Rs 56,700?

Sol: Ratio of shares of A,B and C=Ratio of their investments
A's share=Rs 56,700*(8/27)=Rs 16,800
B's share =Rs 56,700*(9/27)=Rs 18,900
C's share =Rs 56,700*(10/27)=Rs 21,000

3.3 milkman A,B,C rented a pasture A grazed his 45 cows for 12 days
B grazed his 36 cows for 15 days and c 60 cows for 10 days.If b's
share of rent was Rs 540 What is the total rent?

Sol: 45*12:36*15:60*10
9 parts is equal to Rs 540
then one part is equal to Rs 60
total rent=60*28=Rs 1680

4.Ramu and Krishna entered into a partnership with Rs 50,000 and
Rs 60,000, after 4 months Ramu invested Rs 25,000 more while Krishna
withdraw Rs 20,000 . Find the share of Ramu in the annual profit of
Rs 289,000.

Sol: Ramu : Krishna=50,000*4+75,000*8:60,000*4+40,000*8
Ramu's annual profit=289000*(10/17)=Rs 170,000

5.A,B,C enter into partnership .A invests 3 times as much as B invests
and B invests two third of what C invests. At the end of the year ,the
profit earned is Rs 6600. what is the share of B?

Sol: let C's capital =Rs x
B's capital=Rs (2/3)*x
A's capital =3*(2/3)*x=Rs 2x
ratio of their capitals=2x:(2/3)*x:x
B's share =Rs 6600(2/11)=Rs 1200

6.A,B and C enter into a partnership by investing in the ratio of 3:2:4.
After one year ,B invests another Rs 2,70,000 and C,at the end of 2
years, also invests Rs 2,70,000.At the end of 3 years ,profit are shared
in the ratio of 3:4:5.Find the initial investment of each?

Sol: Initial investments of A,B,c be Rs 3x, Rs 2x, Rs 4x then for 3 years
x=Rs 90000
A's initial investment=3x=3*90,000=Rs 2,70,000
B's initial investment=2x=2*90,000=Rs 1,80,000
C's initial investment=4x=4*90,000=Rs 3,60,000

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